Community: We hold a high value for being transparent, vulnerable, valuing relationships, and standing up for people. We are intentional to live a relational life and leave a trail of Sons and Daughters behind us, not orphans.


Identity: We believe that humanity has worth and value in the heart of God. Because of man’s tremendous worth, God sent Jesus to restore mankind’s identity as sons. Identity is key to walking out one’s calling and position in the kingdom of God.


Worship: We are a worshipping church that is spirit-filled, and spirit-led. As we focus our attention on Him, we are moved to respond. We will always become like the One we worship!


Kingdom: We believe and live the prayer, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” As believers, we are all in full-time ministry as God advances His Kingdom into every area of society.


Honor: We feel that honor is the foundation to a healthy community. It flows in and out of every relationship. Simply put, honor sees what God sees in everyone else.


Generosity: Giving is powerful! We believe the seed that is sown is affected by the heart of the giver. In other words, God doesn’t just want our resources, He desires giving hearts. We always give from a place of faith and thankfulness.


Serve: It’s been said “if you’re too big to serve, you’re too small to lead”. Jesus was the greatest of all and came to serve mankind. There are no small roles in serving!


Excellence: We have a high value for excellence; not to be confused with perfectionism. We are always going to do the best with what we have in order to represent Him well.


Bible: We have the highest respect for understanding and applying the Bible correctly. We have made a commitment to constant growth, even if that means changing our thinking hundreds, or thousands of times. We just want to be like Jesus!


Supernatural: Jesus promised that signs would follow believers and they would do even greater works than He. By understanding the Bible correctly and living according to it, we have a high value for walking in the supernatural.